I'll be honest. I'm not the best traveler. I used to get anxious when it was just me on my own, but now that we're a family of six, it is more than a little unnerving to go out into the big wild world. But I truly believe the greatest gift you can give a kid is the gift of travel.

In early 2021, my husband FINALLY convinced me (after years of desperate pleading) to buy a travel trailer and hit the road. We are by no means experts, nor full time travelers. But we are doing our best to give our kids a love of adventure. I don't ever want them to have the same stress and fear that I have always had. I want them to love to explore, experience nature and see everything this beautiful planet has to offer.

I'm hoping to share our adventures here and offer up some inspiration to those who, like me, are a little bit afraid. Join us on our journey! Let's have some fun!

-Katie Reed

Katie Reed - Wandering the world.

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